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14.Apr.2010 Death Dress

This frightening bit of fashion was brought to my attention on Boing Boing today. While I’m in full support of sustainability, it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan of this evening wear.

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03.Mar.2010 Ironically, I owe my very existence to a peanut

I’m clearly not a big fan of peanuts. (Please refer to this site’s url for more!) And yet, if it weren’t for a peanut, I would never have existed.


02.Oct.2009 The only peanut I may actually love

I saw this on Drawn! Illustration & Cartoon Blog and was all ready to fire up a whole post about how I’d seen too many peanut-friendly things on the interwebs this week. Then I watched this adorable video and I believe I have discovered the only deadly peanut I may actually be able to endorse…


30.Sep.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Peanut Duck

This Web site was brought to my attention recently. Here is my cartoon retaliation to its existence.


03.Sep.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Noodles

Popping an EoP “cameo” in ADPB was suggested by Josh Wigler, but I came up with all the comedic comedy and did the decent drawing. F. Y. I.


30.Jun.2009 A canine sidekick in the fight against peanuts?!

Wow. I just got this crazy link sent to me by my good friend Jessica Mason and my mind is kind of blown.


28.Jun.2009 Ice Cream: A battleground for Man vs. Peanut!

A few weeks ago while in Vermont, I got to visit the magical and tasty Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. However, while Ben & Jerry’s is my ice cream of choice, their penchant for adding swirls and chunks of candies and fruit to create their many eclectic flavors make partaking in their cups and […]


20.Apr.2009 Man cannot live by bread alone!

I recently spied this aisle display at a Duane Reade pharmacy on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Yet another warning for any and all enemies of peanuts, it seems the death-nut is now equally as important as bread and water. With aisle arrangements putting my personal kryptonite on par with two essential edibles, it […]

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A battler of peanuts must remain ever vigilant!

While living in a peanut-filled world, it’s necessary for the legume-intolerant to travel through life with their guard constantly up. After 24 long years on this planet—a world infested with enemy food stuffs around every corner—it’s a lesson I should never forget to heed as I preach it on the interwebs. Sadly, I was duped […]


15.Apr.2009 A Shocking Valentine Discovery!

While sorting through a bunch of papers—searching for receipts and other tax nonsense after my recent move to New Jersey—I came across a Valentine I received from my lovely girlfriend Jessi. I’d say this is easily the best greeting card I have ever received, because the premise is so ludicrous, but then I looked closer […]

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