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20.Feb.2011 Kochalka!

I have an affinity for cartoonists who draw in a style so simplistic it, at first, appears you could draw equally well if you just put a smidgen of effort into it. Of course, when you actually put pen to paper, you begin to realize that drawing really “basic” cartoons is just as hard or […]

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19.Aug.2010 “Star Wars Tales” is amazing!

Sometimes you stumble across a comic that’s so rad it makes you feel intense shame for not previously being aware of its existence and totally in love with it. Today, I found that Star Wars Tales is one of those comics.


27.May.2010 Choice Comic Covers: “Predator: Primal” #2

There are times when you stumble across something so mind-numbingly awesome that you actually have to be upset with yourself for not realizing it previously existed. Today I came across a comic book cover that perfectly fits that bill. Being too incredible for words, I’m just going to post it and let you all bask […]


23.Feb.2010 Blammo!

Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver (who you may know from here, here, here, here or here) was kind enough to send me a copy of his comic “Blammo.” Along with the fifth issue, Noah also sent me a promotional sticker. The word “rad” comes to mind.


04.May.2009 I just nerdgasmed all over…

Seen via a link on the Wizard Universe Message Board‘s by‘s Ben Morse, I just got a gander of this teaser cover and flipped into jibbering fanboy mode.

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29.Apr.2009 Choice Comic Covers: ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #308

This one’s all about the nostalgia. It’s not the most striking image, but I think the reason this cover deserves to be among the entrants in CCC (my Choice Comic Covers!) is because I saw so little of it that it as a kid that it became somewhat a novelty. When I flipped through my […]

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14.Apr.2009 Choice Comic Covers: ‘Annihilation’ #4

Maybe my favorite cover ever (seriously!), this piece by Gabriele Dell’Otto kicked off issue #4 (of 6) from Keith Giffen’s masterful Marvel cosmic extravaganza Annihilation. A truly epic “David vs. Goliath” image (in this case Drax vs. Thanos), it also actually teases the issue’s events, a rarity in modern comics. Feast your peepers on this […]


Choice Comic Covers: ‘Wolverine’ (Vol. 2) #2

Because who doesn’t love reading about things someone else likes on the internet, I bring you Choice Comic Covers: Or simply, my favorite comic covers. The first entry in “The Chosen” is back from the days when Greg Rucka was taking the ol’ Canucklehead on a series of gritty, street-level adventures like avenging a waitress’ […]

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