Hello! I’m Jim Gibbons. I’m a comic book professional, a beer lover, a mustache grower, and a hirsute raconteur. I’m also a sworn enemy of the peanut. This is my blog.

I’m also an associate editor at Dark Horse Comics. (More on that here and here, though these are a bit outdated now.) I edit titles like The Black Beetle, Captain Midnight, Brain Boy, Polar: Came from the Cold, Blood Brothers, Furious, Juice Squeezers, Emily and the Strangers, and Skyman. I also work alongside Dark Horse president and publisher Mike Richardson on the 80-page monthly anthology Dark Horse Presents, which won the Eisner Award, Harvey Award, and Diamond Gem Award for Best Anthology in 2012 and 2013. I assist editor Sierra Hahn on the epic ongoing series The Strain, based on the novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, as well.

I wrote this comic with art by Andrew MacLean—Mars: Space Barbarian. (More soon!) And this one with art by Caleb Goellner—Birch Squatch: The Last Bigfoot. As well as Young Shaq in the Bad Future with art by Ethan Young.

I spent ten summers going to and working at summer camps, which led to a lot of stories. Read more about them at my summer camp memoir blog Nothing More American. (Much more on this soon!)

Once upon a time, I was a journalist. This section explains that, but most of the links are dead now, which is baloney.

My email: jimgibbons1[at]gmail[dot]com
My Twitter: @EnemyOfPeanuts
My Tumblr: pizza-party.tumblr.com


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