Writing News: Winter 2017

I’ve been a comic book editor for seven years. Five years at Dark Horse Comics, one at Stela, and one as a freelance editor, roughly. In that time, I worked on 59 graphic novels and more than 200 single issue comics at Dark Horse, got 32 projects greenlit, up and running, and edited at Stela, and I’ve edited 18 different scripts (so far) while freelancing (plus some other assorted jobs).

This year, though, I finally made some headway as a writer.

For the first time, I was paid to write a comic. It was a work-for-hire gig for Sony to promote a new smartphone in Canada. I have no idea if it went live anywhere, but it was paid work! A small victory, but hell yes, a victory! (Shout out to Ryan Yount for the gig!) I’ve selfpublished a bit, but to get hired? It’s a step in the right direction!

Maybe with some cosmic momentum in my pocket after that, I got two separate pitches accepted for Kickstarter anthologies that will launch in 2018.

I’ll be writing a story about THE NEAR FUTURE and parenthood with the talented Matt Grigsby for the “Planetside Anthology.”

I’ll also be writing a story about my lifelong experience with a deadly peanut allergy and asthma for “Corpus: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments.” (Update: I’ll be collaborating with dope artist Melody Often on this one!)

It’s gonna be an exciting year! Stay tuned here and on my Twitter for updates on how to support these two Kickstarter projects and more info on any new writing projects.

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