My 2015

Yesterday, I was rear ended by a guy who doesn’t know how to drive in the snow. This morning, I woke up sick. So… 2016 is off to a weird start, but hey, 2015 was a great year!

Last year, I…
-Completed a year of successfully being married to the greatest woman ever!

-Bought a house!

-Got promoted to editor at Dark Horse Comics.

-Won a fourth Harvey Award for Best Anthology for my work on Dark Horse Presents!

-Won a third Diamond Gem Award for Best Anthology for my work on Dark Horse Presents!

-Edited a ton of great books and comics! Including…

    -A brief stint editing the Buffy books and Serenity.
    -Brought Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain, a five year, 32-issue series that I began on as an assistant editor to its planned conclusion.
    -Championed a ton of great creator-owned comics, three of which received some serious year-end accolades…

      Nanjing: The Burning City (here and here)
      Zodiac Starforce (here and here and here)
      ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times (here and here)

    -Brought Swedish cartoonist Kim W. Andersson’s work to the US!
    -Wrapped the 24-issue run of Captain Midnight with ZERO delays!

-Left Dark Horse to be the new senior editor at Stela Comics! And kicked off 25 kick ass creator-owned comics you will LOVE in 2016!

-Traveled to…

    Seattle, WA
    New York City (Twice!)
    San Diego, CA
    Birmingham, England
    London, England
    Chicago, IL
    Dublin and San Francisco, CA

-Led my first “Breaking In To Comics” panel at Comics Experience in Birmingham, England.

-Attended three beautiful weddings.

-Ran over 125 miles!

-Read 75 books and graphic novels.

-Went on two backpacking trips: Mirror Lake in Oregon and Goat Rocks in Washington.

-Attended my second Music Fest Northwest.

-Went backstage at Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con for the Joss Whedon panel.

-Raised over $1,000 for Movember to, for the sixth time, enter the Platinum Club.

-Crested the $100,000 fundraising mark with the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management team and network I kicked off seven years ago.

-Wrote two new Mars: Space Barbarian shorts (here and here), as well as Young Shaq in the Bad Future!

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