My new gig!

Back in September, I left Dark Horse Comics after six years to pursue a position at a brand new company. But, due to the top secret nature of that new job, I couldn’t say anything about where I was headed.

Now, thanks to the killer publicity efforts of Steve Sunu, I’m psyched to share that I’m the senior editor at Stēla: a brand new digital publisher producing exclusive and totally excellent mobile native comics, aka radical comics built specifically to read on your smart phone!


You can read more about Stēla through a series of announcement interviews editor-in-chief Ryan Yount and I did with…
The Beat
Comics Alliance
Smash Pages

Here are a few promo images of the app, which will feature all of our exclusive comics content, in action. Check out the above articles for more!



The info found in these interviews is just the beginning. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, helping build a new publisher from the ground up is an incredible thrill and an amazing experience. I’m incredibly proud of the content we’re putting together and how I think this delivery method is going to help bring comics to a much larger audience. Please stay tuned to my social media channels (twitter and tumblr) as well as Stēla‘s (twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram) for more information as we get closer and closer to our early 2016 launch date!

I could hyperbole all day about how amazing and exciting this all is, but at end of the day we’re putting our money where our mouth is and, when we launch, I hope you’ll all take a chance on us and see for yourself!

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