Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2012: Day 8 and 9

Another couple o’ days, another couple o’ mo’s! A little over a week and we’re really starting to see some growth here. Nice, gents!


Corey Abad: Movember 8, 2012 (Midwest)

Jim Gibbons: Movember 8, 2012 (Northwest)

Robbie Robbins: Movember 8, 2012 (Northwest)

Christopher Owens: Movember 8, 2012 (Chris lives in England and therefore can only join our network, not either team. He’s the first member of M.M.G.M. international.)


Brett White: Movember 9, 2012 (Northwest)

Dan Gibbons: Movember 9, 2012 (Midwest)

Shawn Ingersoll: Movember 9, 2012 (Northwest)

Shawn also made this rad mo-promo (aka proMO) piece featuring his young son! Check out more of his photography here.

Jim Gibbons: Movember 9, 2012 [Northwest]

Christopher Owens: Movember 9, 2012 (M.M.G.M. International.)

Last night, Ziba design in Portland hosted a Movember event where they unveiled a trophy they designed, referred to casually throughout the night as the “Stanley Cup” of mustaches. Hosted by JJ Owens from Movember with talks about health from a Dr. Beer of OHSU and Movember’s stylish Movember & Sons campaign by Andy Leonetti from Movember HQ, the night culminated with a video documenting the design and creation of the trophies. Not only was it an inspiring and motivating evening, but it was also a great chance to hang with fellow mo bros and be reminded that this monthlong mustache marathon isn’t a solo effort!

JJ Owens rockin’ the mic in Ziba’s insanely cool auditorium. Nicest stadium seats I’ve ever seen.

OHSU’s Dr. Beer drops some knowledge.

The designers from Ziba introduce their “Making of…” movie and the excellent trophies.

The Mo Trophies… Glorious!

One day… one day I shall win one of these. Speaking of, winners will keep the trophy in their home for a full year. At the end of which, they’ll brand their name or team name on the side and get to keep the brand. Definitely the beginning of a very cool Movember tradition.

Mo Bros! From left to right: Stewart Boniface, yours truly, Rob Hennis, and Andy Leonetti.

Same Mo bro lineup, but this time with JJ Owen on the far left.

Once again, if you can make it to a Movember event, I highly recommend it. It’s great to be surrounded by so many rad dudes with budding mustaches!

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