“My BROthren, Movember is upon us!”

The following is an official Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management email…

Mo Bros of the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management,

Happy Movember’s Eve!

It’s great to see such a tremendous turn out this year featuring returning Mo Bros and newcomers alike! As your team co-captain, alongside my brother Dan, we would like to personally thank you all for joining the effort—the proud tradition of the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management—and let you know we’re here to help with any Movember questions or concerns you might have. Drop us a line any time!

Last year, the two M.M.G.M. teams—Northwest and Midwest—combined for over $20K in donations. This year, we’re aiming to beat that! And it all begins now! As we embark upon our mustache journey, here are a few reminders…

First order of business…
There’s still one day to sign up, and there are always a few late comers. If any of your friends were close to joining, give them another push today and see if we can score a few more members in a last minute RECRUITMENT drive! Big thanks to those Mo bros who have already brought some newcomers into the fold!

It’s time to SHAVE! So shave the date! Tomorrow, Movember 1st, bust out that razor and get yourself clean shaven. Prepare your face for the awesome onslaught of mustache to come!

Third order of business…
As I’ve done in year’s past, I’ll be blogging daily mustache photos of myself and anyone who sends me a photo. If you want to be included, email me a PHOTO and the day it was taken and I’ll put it up online. The free Movember app has a “photo-a-day” feature that makes things easy! Check it out!

Spreading awareness is the main goal, but we also want to get DONATIONS… spread the word, pass your Mo Space link around and get’em! Every little bit helps and most people can spare a few bucks. The more you talk about Movember, the more likely those donations are to roll in. So, start spreading the link to your personal Mo Space page and soliciting for donations. Movember.com has an awesome list of fund-raising tips (http://us.movember.com/mospace/tips/) so check’em out!

There are a ton of AWESOME LOCAL EVENTS this year! There are a ton of AWESOME LOCAL EVENTS this year! Portlanders, there is a TOMs event on Nov. 6 (https://www.facebook.com/events/254039568052578/?fref=ts), a Ziba party on Nov. 8 (RSVP for free tickets here: http://moziba.eventbrite.com/), and a few more to come (I’ll keep you posted!). Chicagoans, there’s a TOMs party in your city (https://www.facebook.com/events/486755971357202/) and there’s an MMGM Movember launch party at Vaughan’s Pub on Monday (https://www.facebook.com/events/120329124788404/). If you live outside Portland or Chicago, try and find your local Movember Network page or search for local events via Movember.com. Odds are you’ll find some fun events!

Once again, many thanks to all of you guys for joining up this year and for your commitment to the cause. Last year, at this point, we had 33 members between the two teams. This year, we have 50! A huge jump up from 2010’s single team of 15 members. Dan and I are both having a blast once again, and we’re psyched be growing ‘staches among so many rad dudes! Thanks much, gents!

Keep the Mo-mentum in Mo-tion!


Join here: https://www.movember.com/us/register/details/team_id/421229
Donate here: http://mobro.co/jimgibbons


If you haven’t seen Nick Offerman’s great Movember video, check it out!

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