San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Photos

Continuing my Comic-Com International recollection for 2012 after posting a list of highlights a few days ago, here are all the photos I took at this year’s show. In year’s past, I’ve come home from San Diego only to realize I took about five to ten photos that in no way showcase the Comic-Con experience. So, this year, I made an effort to take a ton of photos. If I thought, “Wow, that’s a weird/interesting/strange/wild/crazy/outrageous/cool/fun thing!” I did my best to capture it on my iPhone camera.

Here’s what I came home with this year…

Life’s a Beaches… A trip to the Beaches with Tim Wiesch before getting on the plane to San Diego. It’s PDX’s finest beach-themed airport restaurant after all!
Patrick Thorpe’s ready for wheels up. Comic-Con here we come!
When it comes to booth setup on day one, Domo knows what’s up.
The massive inflatable Finn (Finnflatable?!) across from our hotel.
A massive banner for Brian Wood’s The Massive.
A peek at the mostly set up Dark Horse Comics booth.
The 104-page Dark Horse Presents #14 shipped a week early for Comic-Con, so I sent Concrete Park writer/artist Tony Puryear a photo of his cover via Instagram.
A preview of the first installment of Buddy Cops in DHP #14 which I tweeted at creators Nate Cosby and Evan “Doc” Shaner from the show floor.
Fellow editorial department staffers Daniel Chabon and Patrick Thorpe… and a peek at the cover for R.I.P.D. II!
Daniel Chabon helps Lego Darth Maul stay hydrated.
Hulking out with Lego Hulk.
Do not take Patrick Thorpe for some conjuror of cheap tricks, Lego Bilbo Baggins!
I want to see mountains again, Lego Gandalf!
Some local San Diego graffiti on a Phil Noto illustrated gig poster.
More local graffiti outside the killer Mexican place Pokez.
Armor Wars: The Marvel booth’s lineup of Iron Men.
Patrick Thorpe with our big Phil Noto group shot illustration.
Young Guns at the DH booth.
Found a sexy dress for Power Rangers superfan Caleb Goellner.
Part of the giant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statue at the Nickelodeon booth.
Look, Frodo! It’s Mr. Bilbo’s trolls!
Scottie Johnson is a scoundrel.
Spencer Newlin-Cushing is a scoundrel.
Melissa Richardson is a scoundrel.
I’m a scoundrel, as well!
Concrete Park creator Tony Puryear and a cosplayer dressed as CP’s Luca.
My 2012 Brony photo.
Princess Vader at the Dark Horse Comics booth.
This functioning Beemo had a digital frame embedded in it that allowed it to change expressions.
“Um… why do you want to know what’s in my pocketseses?”
Missed a spot while shaving in the morning. Thankfully, my con roommate, Patrick Thorpe brought my razor to the booth.
That one time that I saw Obi-Wan Kenobi get arrested at Comic-Con. According to Josh Wigler, he was likely arrested for use of EXCESSIVE FORCE.
John Schork, solidest of bros, received an appropriately bro-riffic pint glass at Neighborhood.
The pink moose in the bathroom at Neighborhood.
Punks in the beerlight.
Breakfast with Steve Sunu, aka Bacon Steve.
Prior to SDCC, Mike Norton, creator of the hilarious Battlepug, told me to prepare my mustache for comparison and judgment. Then he came by the Dark Horse booth and called me out. Instead of a ‘stache-off, we just formed the Tall Guys in Comics with Mustaches club. Current membership: two.
Quintessential Comic-Con: Busty Catwomen and a fat dude dressed as Slave Leia.
The Weta booth was bananas. I love that Thorin Oakenshield looks like he’s sneaking up on the trolls.
Had to get a photo with my man Earthworm Jim!
Scottie Johnson: One of the happiest men at Comic-Con.
One of the crazier experiences of my comics career, Mike Richardson shared his Eisner for Best Anthology with me, his assistant editor.
It’s all down hill from here, guys and gals.
Two super talented artists (Francesco Francavilla and Tyler Crook) and a dude with a mustache.
Big boss man Mike Richardson and me with our DHP Eisners.

Here are two group photos of all of 2012’s Eisner Award winners. Photos via Jamie Colville.

Yep, that’s me between comic legends Stan Sakai and Mike Richardson. Craziness. If I didn’t have photographic evidence of this, I’m not sure I’d even believe it.

Colville also posted an mp3 recording of the Eisners Ceremony. If you jump to the 1:50:12 mark, you can hear the beginning of Mike Richardson’s acceptance speech. And, if you jump to the 1:51:45 mark, you can hear Mr. Richardson generously give me a shout out for my hard work on the book. However, the craziest thing about the whole experience was that, after my boss kindly acknowledged my work in front of an audience of my peers, there was a round of applause. And not just two or three people clapping, but actual applause. Definitely one of the greatest highlights of my career! Thanks, boss! And thanks so much to everyone else too! That support means so much!

(And a shout out to John Schork, who was the assistant editor on the book before me. The dude definitely deserves a nod for his work, as well!)

Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton charges his phone in the Eisners bathroom as he updates James Kochalka’s wikipedia page. Now that’s dedication to one’s work!
Michael Gombos: Domo Philosopher.
The Domo hat makes the rounds… Patrick Thorpe in the Dark Horse booth.
At Comic-Con you gotta TREAT YO SELF!
My chum Nien Nunb.
Nien Nunb and Patrick Thorpe.
Scott Allie texted me this photo of Tim Wiesch and Breckin Meyer, aka Jared Franklin. Needless to say, John Schork and I, big Franklin & Bash fans that we are, were super jealous.
Yucca on the yacht with the CBR crew.
On the prowl… A squeaky at the Hilton Bayfront bar.
Double bros!
Triple bros!
Editor Sierra Hahn met the artist that The Strain cover artist EM Gist used as reference for Vasiliy Fet on issue #7’s cover.
An annual tradition: A unicorn photo (via the Younicorn app) of me on the final day of Comic-Con taken by Steve Sunu.
The final Red Vine in a bin that once held five and a half pounds of licorice sounds the end of Comic-Con.
Wiesch and me with Domo.
After the booth graphics started coming down: Patrick Thorpe as Lord Baltimore.
We made it! The Dark Horse crew raises their glasses to a successful Comic-Con come and gone.
Scottie Johnson at our post-convention meal with one helluva potpie!
Closing out our final night in San Diego around the fire at the Hilton Gaslamp.

This year’s photos are definitely a better representation of the Comic-Con experience! It was a great show. I’m glad I got so many great photos!

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