Bale-entine’s Day: The proud tradition returns!

Not all of you may be aware of this, but today is a hilarious holiday. Sure, it’s the mostly unfunny Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget, it’s also the chuckle-worthy Bale-entine’s Day, as well!

“What’s Bale-entine’s Day?” you ask. Well, simply put, it’s a day where a bunch of nerds pair dreamy pictures of Christian Bale with Batman quotes and send them to each other in the hopes of eliciting a lot of schoolgirl-esque giggling. (Or, at least that’s what today is all about for me and a few of my friends—the inventors of Bale-entine’s Day.)

For more info, head here to read an historical recap of the creation of Bale-entines. You can also enjoy the first Bale-entines ever created at that link. And, if you’re looking for more Bale-entine’s to peruse, check out last year’s Batman quote-infused romance cards!

And now, Without further ado, please enjoy some 2012 Bale-entines…

And here’s a Bale-entine from Brett White

And another, the first ever Bane-lentine, comes from Josh Wigler, who was inspired by Alex Kropinak

Much like last year, I can’t wait for The Dark Knight Rises to come out and replenish our quote bank for future Bale-entines! Next year is gonna be great!

Happy Bale-entine’s Day, everybody!

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