A month of mustache rides

Movember may be a fundraiser about growing mustaches to help fight men’s cancer, but it’s also a month-long event that focuses on changing the face men’s health. So, this year, I’m adding a healthy habit to my daily routine for the duration of Movember.

I’m going to forgo my car commute to work each morning (and then again in the evening) for a bike ride. The mustache is one thing (One totally awesome thing!), but putting my money where my mouth is on the topic of men’s health seems the least I can do while I’m asking all you fine folks for donations.

And so, on November 1, the Month of Mustache Rides begins! Not quite as sexy as it sounds, but a good workout nonetheless.

I’ve already decked out my helmet in Movember paraphernalia for the month. Now I just need some solid bike gloves and I’ll be good to go!

Mustache-powered wheels hittin’ the road soon. Get ready!

Donate now and help fight men’s cancer!

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