Sponsor my mustache this Movember!

This Movember, I’m selling out!

That’s right, folks! My mustache is accepting corporate and small business sponsorship this year!

Now, “What,” you may be asking yourself, “does sponsorship get me?”


1) Every day during Movember, I’ll be keeping a photo diary. Your brand/store/product will appear in every one of my daily photos. You’ll have to supply the shirt, hat, mug, logo, etc… but it’ll be there!

2) In every blog post in which my mustache is featured, there will also be a link to your business’ web site. Not to mention, the free ad you’ll get on my site for the duration of Movember.

3) If we make an official Movember t-shirt, your logo will be on it!

4) Lastly, at any official Movember events I go to, I will rep your brand or store via shirt, hat, button, jacket, etc.

I’m aiming to be as covered in adverts as a NASCAR driver, so don’t be shy business owners!

Now, all it takes to get this mustache-lovin’ exposure for your brand or business is a single $100 donation! Donate $100 and you get one placement (shirt, hat, etc.). Donate a second $100, and get another placement.

Understand, I only have so many placements (I can only wear one shirt at a time, etc., though a weekly schedule can be worked out.), but I’ll make sure it works out fairly for all my sponsors.

A few rules, of course…
-No offensive, racist, crude, rude, or lewd images and/or logos can be used with this placement. Donating $100 is not going to get me in a penis and swastika-covered t-shirt each day. Sorry.

-Movember is a men’s health-related event, so if you’re asking my to advertise cigarettes or asbestos, it’s not gonna happen.

-I won’t rep anything that will cost me my job or reputation, obviously.

-I have the right to refuse any advert that I find off in any way, but we can discuss it and work something out. You make the donation, we’ll make it work.

-Finally, this is a charity event based around donations, not any sort of binding business agreement. You have my word that for every $100 you donate, we’ll work out something that we can both be satisfied with. There’s nothing legally binding here, this isn’t business, this is just me promising you that I’ll make it worth your while for your business, website, store, product, etc. if you make the proper donation.

Make sense? Everybody got it? On board and getting your wallets ready? Right now I’ve got all my advertisement spots open, so donate $100 now and claim one!

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