New York City in iPhone Photos

Over Labor Day weekend, I flew out to New York City for a visit and stayed with my good friends Josh Wigler and Emily Fox. While there, I took some photos. These are them…

A shot and a beer in PDX before my flight.
I think the dinosaur toy on the desk at my boarding gate was a Firefly reference...
Looking north from the Wigler/Fox balcony.
Looking east from the same balcony.
Catching up with some old friends...
Our first drinking stop of the trip: Scratcher.
Scratcher bathroom graffiti.
More Scratcher bathroom graffiti.
We actually got shushed out of Scratcher. If this sign had been there when we showed up, things may have been different... but that's unlikely. We were having a good time!
Some bar graffiti. This one's from a bar called Ninth Ward.
I'd never seen the Flatiron Building during my time on the East Coast, so I walked by on Sunday.
More Flatiron.
Maybe my new favorite bar in Manhattan, the Rattle-N-Hum had a great beer selection and a darn good burger. I wish I'd known about this place when I worked a few blocks away.
More bars should have this! "If you like this shit beer, you'll like this good microbrew."
Great beer bar Blind Tiger reps a Rogue flag but didn't have a single Oregon beer on tap. That, and a lack of seating, were its only faults.
Some inarguable bathroom graffiti at Blind Tiger.
More Blind Tiger bathroom graffiti.
Add some bathroom mirror graffiti to the mix.
And once more via Instagram...
Getting popsicles at The High Line.
The food cart and beer garden at the end of The High Line.
A rare sighting of Fox and Wigler in their natural urban habitat.
The nicest pharmacy I've ever seen.
At the recommendation of Mr. Wigler, I bought a neck pillow for my flight home. I figured, "go big or go home" and went with cheetah print. Why not, right?

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