Lollapalooza 2011: An iPhone Photo recap

At the beginning of August, I attended Lollapalooza in Chicago with my brother Dan and my sister Lexie. Here’s what we saw…

Frank Sinatra's kind of town: Chicago.
Lexie in the foreground as we make our way to Grant Park.
Beer prices were exorbitant at Lolla. God Bless America!
The building formerly known as Sears in the distance.

The Mountain Goats. They were cool...

Sports bottles full of wine. The first one was a bad idea. The second one was a worse idea.
Boogying down in the Perry's tent to Afrojack.
Prepped and ready for Girl Talk. Sweaty. Drunk.
The interior of Perry's tent. Hardly capturing the madness here...
Saturday morning brunch at Wishbone. Lexie left us at this point. She had to return to college.
Walk the Moon. They mentioned that they were from Cincinnatti... a lot.
Fitz & The Tantrums. One of the most entertaining acts we saw. Possibly the most entertaining!
Dan grabs a quick nap before Ween.
Mega Man.
Beirut. Prior to this we saw Lykke Li, but my one photo of that was pretty crap. Right before Beirut went on, a woman correctly guessed our hometown just by looking at Dan and I. True story.
Beers and brotherly bonding at Map Room.
Dan and I via Millenium Park's "The Bean."
More "Bean."
Noah and the Whale. And also, Chicago.
The Cars. The sun was bright and hot, we were drinking smuggled whiskey and cold diet coke, Dan commented that—based on the young scenesters outfits—The Cars were playing to the same amount of neon clothes that they played to in their prime... it was a great moment.
The clouds begin to roll in...
It got downright dark. We ran into two friends from high school I hadn't seen in ages. Then it poured rain and we danced in the mud.
We saw Nas and Damien Marley and then we left and made our way up to Libertyville. In my room, I found a large tupperware container full of old video games.

And that’s the short version…

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