And so it begins… [Movember 2011]

Ladies and gents, get ready for some sweet, sweet Movember action! Our team name for 2011 has been chosen. We are… THE MINISTRY OF MUSTACHE GROWTH AND MANAGEMENT!

So folks, please prepare your wallets (and your hearts) for donations! Get ready to join the fight against cancer!

And, men and ladies, we’re still looking to grow our teams (much like we shall soon grow or glorious mustaches) in the Northwest and Midwest. The M.M.G.M needs you!

From an official Ministry email…

Our team name has been chosen! Welcome to the first ever email gathering of The Ministry of Mustache Growth and Management a.k.a. the M.M.G.M.!

Our team pages have been set up and you can make yourself Movember official by signing up right now.

To sign up for the Northwest/Portland chapter, head here:

To sign up for the Midwest/Chicago chapter, head here:

Portlanders and Chicagoans, please sign up for your designated teams. Those of you who aren’t in Portland or Chicago, we’d recommend signing up for the team nearest your actual location, but the choice is yours. Feel free to drop us a line personally if you have questions or concerns.

Take a look at our initial team promo images, starring wild west gunslinger Bat Masterson and his dapper bowler!

Please, consider joining our brotherhood of hirsute American men committed to the careful cultivation and care of righteous mustaches, as well as the complete eradication of cancer. Clear eyes, full ‘stache… can’t lose!

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