Dan Gibbons answers a common Movember question/concern

When asked “What’s the policy on a 3-week head start?” by a potential Movember 2011 teammate who was concerned about the fullness his ‘stache might attain in a month, Dan Gibbons had this to say…

Prepare to be informed and inspired!

I totally thought the way you did last year when my brother roped me into joining. I was like “Man, I want to have a sweet ‘stache starting November 1!”

But here are the reasons why you should start clean shaven on November 1:

1) Those are the rules: If you started early and did not follow the rules, you will not feel the same sense of brotherhood and connection to your fellow Mo Bros.

2) When your mustache is growing in funny you get the most attention. I think the first three weeks are the best fund-raising time because people realize you look silly and that you are making a sacrifice. If you rock a sweet mustache all month, people will be like, “He looks so sweet, why should I donate to some guy’s charity that clearly has it all?”

3) The slogan for Movember is “Changing the Face of Men’s Health.” If you had a mustache all month you wouldn’t really be changing anything. Going through Movember is the closest you will ever come to going through a metamorphosis. You start as a humble little caterpillar and, as that mustache grows, you will feel as if you are flapping your very own butterfly wings.

4) It’s like running a race: If you start too early, you are going to burn out before the end of the month. You will love everything that is Movember, but by the end of the month you are going to be excited to feel fresh air on your upper lip.

5) The Movember Gala Party: I had a chance to go to the Movember party last year in downtown Chicago. They have several competitions where the crowd votes on different categories of ‘stache and the winner gets an awesome sash. With your blonde hair, I think you could win two of the potential categories. One, Best Mustache for a character dressed as Larry Bird. And two, Worst Mustache. This category received the most applause because these men sacrificed the most. If you start three weeks early, I will have to rat you out and disqualify you! No sash for Shaun!

I want you on the team Shaun! I will look the other way if you get a few days head start, but consider the consequences of your actions. Do you want to feel like Mark McGwire with all those home runs, but no respect due to steroid use? Do you want an asterisk attached your mustache? Remember when Smash Williams was taking steroids? It wasn’t good!

I bet you will look much better than you think after a month. The most you have probably ever gone without shaving your upper lip is 5 to 7 days… just give it a shot and see what four weeks will give ya.

Don’t give up yet!

Dan Gibbons: Movember Advice-Giver and Motivator

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