Photos via Phone

I’ve always liked photography, but it wasn’t until journalism school that I really developed a sense of awe and appreciation for people who could use a camera to truly capture life. I’ve seen photogs of different varieties working in their respective fields, I’ve watched friends labor over which photos to choose out of hundreds for college projects, I’ve seen the student POYs judged and while I know and understand very little about the art, I’m always happy to run across some fine photography. If you’re of the same mentality, I suggest checking out the fine work of my friends Anna Goellner and Carli Davidson. Local cartoonist Emi Lennox has a photo tumblr worth checking out, as well, if you have any interest in seeing some fine shots of the Rose City.

Now that’s good photography.

And now for something completely different…

I recently got my first smartphone and my favorite aspect of it is that I now have a camera on hand at all times. I don’t have any skill when it comes to photography, but I do like to capture the occasional snapshot of life. The iPhone has made that an easy reality and the instagram app adds a fun twist to my amateur attempts. Now, seeing as I’ve been taking plenty of photos, I figured I’d post them here. Apologies if they’re old news to those of you who follow my tumblr. I led this blog post with some of the best, here’s what qualifies as “the rest.”

That’s life, right? More as it goes on.

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