Xombi #1 [At the Mercy of The Crowd]

This week, I headed into the shop looking for Image’s Skullkickers at the recommendation of Josh Wigler. When it was nowhere to be found, friend and co-worker Tim Wiesch handed me DC’s Xombi #1. This was a fortuitous occurrence.

First thing’s first, check out the credits on this book…

“Who’s that listed at the assistant editor position?” you ask. That’s my good buddy Rickey Purdin, a marvelous chap who recently made the move over to DC editorial!

Rickey and me.

Let’s have a quick celebratory song for Mr. Purdin while we’re at it…

Congrats on the new gig, bud!

And congrats should go to Xombi writer John Rozum and artist Fraser Irving, as well. This was an extremely fun and imaginative comic.

I went into this one with a blank slate, having never read any of the Xombi series from the ’90s. The Frazer Irving art sold me from the get go—he’s real good at art, guys. Add a tuna salad joke in the first few pages, characters named Nun of the Above and Nun the Less who are actual super-powered sisters from the cloister, clever wordplay all over the dialogue and plenty of eerie yet enjoyable setup situations for the series, and I was just digging every second of this book. When a cult classic comic is relaunched and makes newcomers want to seek out the original, it’s doing a darn good job.

Sure, I’m a little biased because a buddy of mine worked on this book, but Xombi is a solid and enjoyable comic. If you pick it up and don’t like it, odds are you’re any enemy of good times.

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