Movember 2010 Follow-Up

Many of you may remember that I was actively involved in last year’s Movember campaign. Along with my trusty troop of ‘stache soldiers, Team Mammoth-Stache, it’s a fact that our mo’ mastery and vocal fund-raising efforts were things of hirsute beauty. Need more proof? Well, how about this gracious letter from Movember Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Garone!

Well done, Team Mammoth-Stache! And well done, Portland!

Along with the letter, the Movember Foundation sent over a certificate for achieving platinum status (My personal goal for the 2010 campaign.), a Movember beard trimmer…

…and, showcasing their sense of humor (One of the main reasons I love this charity.), a 1993 Yanni World Tour t-shirt!

It’s only March, but I’m already getting excited for Movember 2011! Once again, great job Team Mammoth-Stache and cheers to each and every mo-grower in PDX last year! You all done good!

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One thought on “Movember 2010 Follow-Up

  1. If that shirt happens to find its way into the dryer and *gasp* shrinks a little…it’s mine!

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