A day in the life… Hourly Comic Day!

Once a year, folks across the globe are encouraged to draw a comic chronicling each hour of their day. Here are some of the basics from the Hourly Comic Day Web site

hello on february first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other people on the internet

we will see how different people spend their day.

i did not make hourly comics this january but i will probably make them on february first.

-for every hour that you are awake on february first (that’s february first for whatever time zone you happen to be in), you make a comic describing something about the past hour. maybe you ate some cereal? maybe your mother called and screamed long and low until her voice gave out

-say you wake up at 7am. make a comic some time before it becomes 8am. then after 8am, make a comic before it becomes 9am. it is pretty simple.

you can e-mail me if you want to, and you can look at what i’ve done for an example. you do not have to be a fancy drawer to do this


Last year, I enjoyed checking out the Hourly Comic entries online and kicked myself for not participating. This year, I got a bit of a late start (Each comic story was not completed in the hour it took place… I had to be at work, sorry!) but decided I’d be kicking myself again if I didn’t give it a go. So… I did. Enjoy!

Hourly Comic Day 2011: Part 1

Hourly Comic Day 2011: Part 2

Hourly Comic Day 2011: Part 3

Head to the forums to check out more Hourly Comics! Head to Anthony Clark’s Nedroid Tumblr for the real deal Holyfield—the best/my favorite entry I’ve seen so far this year!

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