Mustachioed Thanksgiving

I just sent this in an e-mail to Team Mammoth-Stache, but I think it’s something all Mo Bros can enjoy and benefit from…

This turkey... has a mustache! Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m imagine many of you are headed home for the holidays. You may be thinking, “Man, now my family is gonna see me with this mustache. This can’t be good!” On the contrary! Having a mustache over the holiday is the perfect way to do some last minute fund-raising!

Think about it…
This whole month, you’ve been showing off your manly mustache to friends and co-workers—local people, so to speak. This weekend, many of you will be seeing old friends and family members who haven’t had the pleasure of viewing your mustache first hand. They’ll want to examine it and possibly caress it. Let them! While they’re engrossed with your whimsical whiskers, take the opportunity to tell them about Movember and explain how they can help with a donation. This is an entirely new audience you’re explaining your crumb catcher to, seize the moment and get those folks psyched about Movember.

Imagine you’re sitting at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a delicious-looking spread, turkey steaming enticingly amongst an array of tasty treats. You’re probably wearing some sort of sweater and shoveling cranberry sauce and/our mashed potatoes into your gaping maw. Embarrassingly, you notice, there’s a hunk of mouthwateringly good Thanksgiving turkey stuck in the forest of your upper lip. Don’t secretly sweep the food out with your napkin! Exhibit good table manners by cleaning your mouth area, but—especially with everyone’s eyes fixed on your momentous mo—talk about Movember while doing so. Odds are Uncle Artie’s fishing trip isn’t something that’ll hold everyone’s attention throughout the evening. Your ‘stache will undoubtedly be the center of attention. Use that spotlight to spread the good word about our fund-raising efforts! By the end of the night, I assure you, your dinnermates will realize that the thing they’re most thankful for is your selfless actions and go-get’em cancer-fighting attitude!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

You too, folks! Have a great Thanksgiving! And hey, if all this talk about “giving” leads you to need an outlet for some generosity, you can always make a donation to Movember! “Donate to me” here:

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