iZombie in Portland

I was reading issue #6 of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s iZombie yesterday when I stumbled upon a very familiar scene.

From the story "I, Terrier"

Now take a closer look at that middle panel…

This scene takes place in Portland, by the way. (Click to Enlarge)

…and then take a look at the intersection of NW 11th and Lovejoy in Portland…

(Click to enlarge)

Here are the two images together…

Reality versus comics

I love that the Google Map image happens to feature someone crossing the street, as well!

Allred’s an Oregon dude and this issue takes place (partially) in Portland, so this isn’t anything insane. But, this scene takes place a ten-minute walk (if that) from Jessi and my apartment and I hadn’t seen anyone else compare the panel to the intersection it features, so I thought I’d post this. Either way, it was cool to be reading a comic and see something so familiar in its pages that I mentally blurted out, “Hey, that is Portland!”

One additional note, the sculpture in the comic has slightly different coloring. That may be due to the fact that a few of those towers which are differently colored line NW 11th.

(Click to enlarge)

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