Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2010: Day 15

Is the mustache half full or half empty? Whatever your answer to that twist on the classic philosophical question, we’re halfway through Movember and that’s something worth celebrating.

Team Mammoth-Stache has raised $2,504 so far and we’ve still got two weeks to go! That’s something else worth raising a glass to, as is the fact that I’m a mere $200 away from my personal fund-raising goal of $1,000. Huzzah, I say! Huzzah!

Time to take a look at some Day 15 mustache photos…

Jim Gibbons: Movember 15, 2010

Dan Gibbons: Movember 15, 2010

Marc Morency: Movember 15, 2010

Mark Chilla: Movember 15, 2010

Steve Olson: Movember 15, 2010

Paul Hillman as The WWF Bad Ass: Movember 15, 2010

Halfway there! Thanks to everyone who’s shown support and double thanks to everyone who’s shown that support with a donation! We’re going for two more weeks. Stick around!

Help fight men’s cancer! Donate to Movember today!

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