House of Mystery: A comic I enjoy

Matthew Sturges’ wild ride of a comic—House of Mystery—began with the relatively simple but beautifully open-ended setup of assorted oddballs telling stories in a strange old house. Since, it’s morphed into a sprawling fantasy epic that would take pages of praise and analysis to fully explain it’s enthralling nature. There’s probably someone else out there better-suited to write something like that, and that’s time better spent reading great comics anyway, so I’m simply here to display two random and out-of-context pages that I hope act as an abstract explanation of why I read this comic.

From issue #27

From issue #29

These pages are from the story arc “Safe as Houses” which runs through issues #26 through #30. Sturges writes the whole thing and numerous artists flit in and out of the book to tell the many narratives contained within. Brendan McCarthy and Werther Dell’edera’s art is featured here.

Great book, folks. I enjoy it tremendously.

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