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“The simple fact is: you do need help. I didn’t think I did. I was in a fairly senior position all my life—a bit of a control freak. And all of a sudden, I needed help.”

Roger Northam from Australia was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and did this promo for Movember. It’s got some great nuggets of wisdom so I suggest giving it a watch.

“If you’ve gotta have the finger up your bum, take it like a man. It could save your life.”

Hilariously phrased, but so true! I loved Roger’s enthusiasm in this video so I just had to post it, especially as its another great reminder that early detection and regular check ups are key for men’s health—particularly when you reach the age of 40… and beyond!

Please donate to Movember and help fight men’s cancer!

Eagles of Death Metal is pretty perfect Movember music, isn’t it?

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