A network of mustache hairs reaching across the globe…

Much like a Facebook for crumb catchers, Movember has added a networking feature to its Web site this year. Basically a way for like-minded mo-growers to band together, Movember’s networks can be used to group people by height, weight, geographical location or a penchant for ponies—just so long as you ask them to make a network page for your social group of choice.

In the hopes of uniting the mustache friendly communities of Portland (Thinking locally) and comics (Thinking globally), I asked Movember to create sites for both the rad people of Stumptown and the most excellent folks who fancy funny books. They kindly obliged.

Movember participants can find the Portland group here…


And Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who actively participate in the world of comics, whether they read, write, draw or just enjoy comic books… this is your network!


I encourage any and all Portlanders and people in the comic book community who are participating in Movember to join one of these groups (or both!). Hopefully, having a hub via Movember’s networks will fuel greater fund-raising through competition, as well as allow us a place to coordinate efforts, events and other fun things that start with “e”… or any other letter of the alphabet.

If you’re in one of these groups and want to coordinate anything, drop me a line. You can find my info here.

Please make sure to join or donate to Movember. Thanks!

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