Simon says “Movember!”

October hasn’t even made it out of its first week yet and Team Mammoth-Stache has gained its eighth member! Coming to us (again!) from the Dark Horse stable, editor Philip Simon has kindly agreed to lend his ferocious facial hair-growing skills to the cause!

Artist's interpretation of Philip Simon "totally Teen Wolfing out" after growing a mustache.

Welcome aboard, Philip, and thanks for joining up! Mr. Simon edits Conan comics (amongst other excellent publications), so he’s no stranger to manning up. Now, much like Conan wields a battle axe to combat his foes, Philip will harness the power of a mustache to help fight back the forces of cancer. It’s pretty damn rad! You can be nearly as rad by joining Mammoth-Stache and growing a mo’ of your own! Or, just be a regular level of rad and donate!

And now, a new enlistment poster…

Movember Man of Action: Philip Simon

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Also: Kudos to John Schork for putting the bug in Philip’s ear about Movember! Well done, sir!

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