The Mo’ of Morency

Ladies and gents, Mammoth-Stache has gained it’s seventh, epic member! Allow me to introduce Marc Morency!

A preview of Marc's mo-growing prowess.

Marc comes to Mammoth-Stache by way of John Schork (the two are related by the power of law!) and based on the few Facebook photos I’ve seen, it’s clear his upper lip is a force to be reckoned with! Even more exciting, Marc’s currently located in Japan, thus making Mammoth-Stache an international cancer-combating strike force of fund-raising much like, dare I say it, Megaforce. Add that to Marc’s astute observations about Mario and his mustache (“Cape: Check. Rides A dinosaur: Check. Mustache: Check. Nearest I can tell, Super Mario has being face meltingly awesome on lock.”) and it’s clear we’ve gained quite an asset. Welcome aboard, Marc!

Now, as I’m wont to do, it’s time for some photoshopping…


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