“Star Wars Tales” is amazing!

Sometimes you stumble across a comic that’s so rad it makes you feel intense shame for not previously being aware of its existence and totally in love with it. Today, I found that Star Wars Tales is one of those comics.

Last week, a number of us from Dark Horse’s marketing department moved to new desks. The moving process was a great excuse to clear out and clean a few areas that had been previously covered with anything from old comics and publicity posters to boxes full of legal envelopes and other office supplies. While flipping through a box of old comics, I found 17 issues from Star Wars Tales 24-issue run and quickly discovered they are extremely awesome!

A humor compilation book, Star Wars Tales features ridiculous amounts of talented people writing hilarious tales featuring beloved Star Wars characters. Let’s take issue #20 as a prime example of why this title was tremendously great…

First, behold this glorious Tony Millioniare cover!


Now, check out the line up on this book! It features…

  • Tony Millionaire writing and illustrating a Jar Jar Binks/Moby Dick mash up.
  • A Jason short starring Darth Vader.
  • A Jawa-centric tale by Bob Fingerman.
  • “Luke Skywalker: Detective” by Rick Geary.
  • A wampa short by Jim Campbell.
  • Two Peter Bagge stories centering around characters from the prequels.
  • A Chris Eliopoulos story starring Han, Leia, C-3PO and some ewoks.
  • “Young Lando Calrissian” by Gilbert Hernandez.
  • And, my favorite, “Melvin Fett” by James Kochalka!
This is too perfect for words.

Sadly, this title is no longer being published, nor is it collected in some of the snazzy Dark Horse Omnibuses like most of our other Star Wars titles. However, most of the issues are still available for purchase at Things From Another World, so snag those puppies while you still can! Great, great stuff!

I mean, any comic that features rhyming story names on the front cover like this is a must buy!

Zero sarcasm, "Lando's Commandos" makes me so happy!

From time to time, I’ll probably begin scanning in and posting some of this series’ most excellent panels. Prepare yourselves!

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