Jack Kirby’s “Eternals”… Saucier than you thought!

One would expect a comic by the masterful Jack Kirby about a race of space gods, a population of hideous evil mutants and a small clan of immortal super humans to be mind blowing, but would you expect Eternals to be racy as well?! Ripped the pages of issue #5, take a gander at this exchange!

The dark haired woman is the Eternal known as Sersi. The red-clad hero, her fellow Eternal: Makkari. (Sorry about the blurred image. I'm scanning from the hardcover omnibus.)

Did you see it? Look closer, fair reader…

She did what now?

Obviously, I know what Kirby was going for here—that Sersi had repelled a few Deviants with her powers—but the phrase used certainly makes for an awkward panel. Reading older comics is a ton of fun, but when you stumble upon a phrase that doesn’t quite stand up to the ravages of time—like this one—it certainly makes reading old comics funny as well.
By the by, here’s the cover to issue #5…

Sexy times contained within?

Note: Yes, I am 12 years old.

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  1. That’s a pretty funny observation– and man, Jack kirby could make a comics about toilets look cool! This sort of reminds me of clash of the titans… and yea, that is like 13 year-old humor ; )

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