My name… IN COMICS!

I really should have realized this before, and it’s kind of a little thing, but I just noticed that my name appears in every Dark Horse comic book. In the company colophon featured in each Horsepower letters column, my name is listed alphabetically under the marketing department header.

The May 2010 Horsepower.


You have to be able to enjoy the little things in life, right? This is a small victory, to be sure, but it’s pretty rad knowing my name has now appeared in tons of great comics!

That’s all. Less “patting myself on the back” posts soon to come!

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3 thoughts on “My name… IN COMICS!

  1. Jim, I’ve done some research into this and I’ve found that Dark horse comics does not feature comics about dark horses, white pale horses or, really any kind of hoofed animal…

    This can only be chalked up to poor marketing strategy– thank you for coming forward so I know who to send my angry letters to… I have a stack of comics with horses in the upper left corner of the cover and yet the stories/art feature nothing of the sort…

    Seriously though, congrats Jimbo (and next to hellboy none-the-less!) you da man!

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