Get your follow on: Seen All Over and the return of Nothing More American

If you find yourself residing online way more than what’s considered healthy (much like I do), you’re always looking for fresh blog blood to make your Google Reader a more diverse and interesting venue. Presuming you are like me and that applies, let me make some site recommendations for your reading pleasure…

First on the list is Seen All Over

The side project of my boss Jeremy Atkins and a few of his buddies, Seen is the hip aggregator haven for the raddest and baddest in fashion, travel, photography, comics and other shit that’s cool. So far, the site’s highlight (for me, at least) has been Sunny Shokrae’s photo-heavy looks at some of the aspects of Iranian life that you won’t see on CNN: Food and Fashion. It’s not often online or in the news that the curtain is pulled back on Iran, and when it is, the focus is frequently politics instead of people. Getting a glimpse into daily life for the average population in a country most Americans know little about is ludicrously fascinating and the photos in these articles are just brilliant. I suggest starting your tour of Seen there and then sticking around for all the other great content.

Now on to Nothing More American… yes, again…

Some of you may remember my erstwhile summer camp memoir blog. Some of you may not. Well, I’ve dusted the cobwebs off the old girl, as well as a box of old camp photos I’ll be regularly scanning in and posting, and now NMA is set for steady posting for a good long while. Instead of shooting for poignant remembrances that could one day be compiled into a rambling and likely boring autobiography (more here), NMA is morphing into a straightforward photo blog-style endeavor—with an archival twist… of course! The bottom line is that as I get older, my memories of my camp seasons are fading. I want to write them down before my mind gets any foggier when I try to think back to the summers of 1995 through 2001.

Plus, I really want to get all these old photos online somewhere! They. Are. Goofy!

So, if you dig on summer camp memories, head to! I’ve get seven new posts up so far and I’m shooting to update at least five times a week. It may not appeal to every one of the readers I get here, but it’s a labor of love, so please check it out!

I hope these two sites are set to make your daily news feed a bit more interesting. Now… go forth and enjoy them internetz!

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