By Crom, Conan can Frisbee!

“Back to the Future III” would have us believe that Marty McFly invented the Frisbee when he time traveled to the Old West. Turns out Robert E. Howard’s Conan was flipping discs as far back as the Hyborian Age.

Chow down, pivot and pass.

This gem comes straight from Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian #33 reprinted in Dark Horse’s Chronicles of Conan Volume 5. The classic Conan dialogue (“You wouldn’t know the truth if you stepped in a pile of it!”) in this panel comes courtesy of Roy Thomas with John Buscema the artist responsible for Conan’s nimble disc toss.

As Conan is a muscle-bound warrior whose foes often assume his bulk would prevent agility and speed, I like the idea that his Cimmerian climbing skill and quickness make him an apt student of the subtlety of the Frisbee. Its the little touches you can impose upon timeless panels like this that make old comics a ton of fun.

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