Tortoises and TMNT and Crocs, oh my!

Earlier today on BoingBoing, I saw this video of a tortoise rubbing up on a Croc (the shoe, not the animal). I laughed… a lot.

That little guy only has one move, but I lose it every time he squeaks. This is probably the closest I’ve come to laughing till I pee since… well, in a good long while. (I think. I hope…) I thought the video was so funny in fact, I demanded the world stop and give it a watch. Comics Alliance’s master photoshopper Caleb Goellner was among the few who heeded my call to drop everything and watch this tortoise squeak in ecstasy. After doing so, he sent me this…

Michelangelo is a party dude.

“Cowabunga, dude!”

On a mostly unrelated note, the new Scott Pilgrim trailer looks fantastic…

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2 thoughts on “Tortoises and TMNT and Crocs, oh my!

  1. Unecessary information but …. I sent the link of the humping turtle video to my friend who works for Croc’s – he said the shoe in the video is a Croc’s knock off.

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