Choice Comic Covers: “Predator: Primal” #2

There are times when you stumble across something so mind-numbingly awesome that you actually have to be upset with yourself for not realizing it previously existed. Today I came across a comic book cover that perfectly fits that bill. Being too incredible for words, I’m just going to post it and let you all bask in the glory of this brilliant cover…

Yes, that is indeed a bear fighting a Predator.

That Bob Eggleton cover pretty much speaks for itself, right? Still, check out the solicit text of this Kevin J. Anderson and Scott Kolins issue from “An angry grizzly! A raging forest fire! A bloodthirsty Predator! And a Forest Ranger who’s feeling way out of her league!” It doesn’t get much better than that. I mean, sometimes you want to read a comic like “Watchmen” that makes you think and blows your mind, and sometimes you just need pure fucking adrenaline on the page! I think we all know what kind of comic the above cover introduces.

If you’re interested in reading “Predator: Primal” nowadays, you can find it in Predator Omnibus Volume 4. Now, please enjoy the most excellent LOLCat-esque thing I have ever created…


Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen! Make sure to tip your waitress! Goodnight!

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