Two years with the Outlaw Jessi James

Over the past two years, I’ve worked two different full-time jobs, dabbled in the field of freelance journalism and collected unemployment. In those same two years, I’ve lived in three different states, pulled a U-Haul from coast to coast, raised over $1,200 with a friend and a moustache to help fight men’s cancer and shook hands with Edward James Olmos. It’s been a crazy period of my life to say the least. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to have had one amazing and gorgeous constant to carry me through it all: my beautiful girlfriend Jessi.

Jessi and I at Deschutes Brewery in Portand, OR, this past April. Photo by Anna Faltermeier/Goellner.

She’s smart, stunning and downright phenomenal. Fortunately, I make her laugh from time to time, so she’s stuck around! I’m a lucky guy.

Goofing off at Oregon's Multonomah Falls, also in April. Photo, again, by Anna Faltermeier/Goellner.

I love you, Jessi! Thanks for doing all those wonderful things you do that have made the craziness of the last two years truly awesome instead of driving me slowly insane.

Our good friend Anna Faltermeier/Goellner (Just married to our other good friend Caleb Goellner, so legal name change coming soon!) took the fantastic photos posted above. She’s a brilliant photographer, so check out her Web site! If you like her stuff—and you should—drop her a line and say so! Also, here’s a shot she took of Jessi, our buddy Josh and me.

Thanks for giving me the go-ahead to post these, Anna!
Jessi has long been convinced that I only post pictures of her on this blog where she looks or is acting, in her words, “goofy.” I think that’s hogwash and poppycock and fizzlewhiz. But, for good measure, here is a picture of us both where Jessi does not look “goofy.” There is, however, one goofy thing about this picture. One guess what it is…

We are at a winery in Washington in this picture that was taken in the year 2010.

Hint: It’s bearded and argyle-clad.

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15 thoughts on “Two years with the Outlaw Jessi James

  1. Jim,
    looks like you found a wonderful/beautiful/goofy gal to be around. Well done my friend.

  2. Is that you look like Ron Howard?

    I too am lucky to be in the company of a woman whom I just don’t know what she sees in a wastrel such as me, but she too laughs occasionally and that seems to be enough for her. Good women are hard to find, partner, hold on tight. And for your own sake, marry her.

    Nice post!

  3. Suffice it to say, I love the above-mentioned Jessi oodles and oodles too… enough to have changed my name for her! =) And I love you for making her so happy, Jim. When are you going to set me up with one of your amazing friends, huh?

    I love that you bring the goofy side out in her, as it is an important but less readily apparent side of the often deeply thoughful and mysterious Jessi-bird. Can’t wait to visit you guys sometime soon!

    Keep sweeping her off her feet (I hear she’s on them more often than not these days!)

  4. Based on the hits this post is getting, I should quit blogging about comics and bullshit and just talk about Jessi. The numbers don’t lie! She’s who everyone wants to hear about!

    And Jackie… setting you up with my amazing friends… why didn’t you say so before?! (I mean, I know why. Just turning a phrase.) Now if we can only puzzle out this “I really don’t know to many people in LA” thing, we’ll be all set.

  5. Well gosh, I feel like the belle of the ball! Thanks for all of the love and the loving that I am so thoroughly loved.

    Jackie–come to Portland and we will set you up on some dates (at the very least, with me!)

  6. This whole time I thought “Jessi” was a weird code-name for me. But then I Dick Tracy-ed the thing and found out I was involved with the mustaches. I dig the post and the picture(s).

    I’m raising my glass.

  7. It’s been a long time since I viewed EOP, but I am glad I did. I don’t know if it’s the fact that the picture is so pure, or if you guys just make the best couple, but the first picture in this post is inspiring. It looks like a promo poster for a romantic comedy or something.

    Keep up the good work. By the way, do you remember me? It’s Kevin, from high school.

  8. Kevin! How goes it?

    Yeah, the first picture is an inspiring romantic comedy–the how we found true love story. The second one is for the slap-stick sequel in which the passing of time– too much hard work, too many kids, and too few date nights– has stripped us of our innocence leaving only hints of humor and violence. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure those movies always come back around to how much we love and need each other.

    How are you and Lauren doing?

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