Mal Reynolds as Hank Pym?! I think he may be a Hulkbuster.

While I’m not sure it’s as spot-on as my casting of Sam Rockwell as Hank Pym when rumors began circulating that the “Moon” star would appear in “Iron Man 2,” I absolutely love the idea of Nathan Fillion getting to be an Avenger.

Mad props to Comics Alliance for the above photoshop.

Yep, word’s going around that “Firefly’s” Fillion may be playing Giant Man in the upcoming Marvel Studios film “Avengers.” It’s just a rumor right now—which originated here—but I just hope that if Fillion is cast, it isn’t as a Marvel character as lame as Justin Hammer. While Rockwell was killer as the billionaire techno-playboy always being one-upped by Tony Stark, his performance was so good that it was endlessly disappointing to know it was wasted on such a low-tier character in the Marvel mythos.

That said, if Fillion were going to be cast as a more obscure Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D.-related Marvel character, which is more than likely if he does make the cut for “Avengers,” I think he’d be great as Agent Clay Quartermain.

A few variations of Clay Quartermain.
In the lower right corner, Clay Quartermain on the cover of "Strange Tales" #167.

Considering that many rumors—including the story that initially spawned the “Fillion as Pym” speculation—swirling around “Avengers” seem to indicate S.H.I.E.L.D. will play a large role in the film, seeing a fan-favorite actor who isn’t a major box-office draw cast as Nick Fury’s smug, capable comic relief seems like it could be a definite possibility. Plus, this would put Fillion in a perfect position to follow up as a leader of the Hulkbusters in a sequel to “The Incredible Hulk” and—God and Hollywood willing—as She-Hulk’s love interest in that same sequel or a Jade Giantess solo movie! If Marvel Studios has actually cast “90210” star Kevin Pennington as a S.H.I.E.L.D.-connected Rick Jones, they could have already begun assembling the Marvel movie-verse’s Hulkbusters, and Fillion would be an excellent leader for that rag-tag crew a la “Firefly” and “Serenity.”

While legions of Whedonites will likely be pulling for Fillion to land a major role in “Avengers,” myself among them, I’m looking for a silver-lining here and Captain Mal being cast as Quartermain could be a stroke of genius if executed correctly. With his starring roles in DC’s animated “Wonder Woman” movie and on ABC’s “Castle,” Fillion has proved he can add tons of character and charisma to a role while complimenting a strong leading lady. Team a yet-to-be-cast She-Hulk as the Hulkbusters’ heavy hitter under the leadership of a capable but jocular Fillion-played Quartermain and you could have an “Incredible Hulk” sequel that spins directly out of “Avengers” and sets a new gold standard for action-comedy in a superhero flick.

"Likewise, I wager you wouldn't like me much when I'm angry."

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