“Lost” Comics!

Much as I enjoy speculating about the numerous mysteries of “Lost,” I haven’t blogged much about the show’s actual episodes since they talked about Ewoks last season. I’ll leave the heavy “Lost” commentary to people getting paid to write it, but that won’t keep me from highlighting my favorite thing the final season has led to: “Lost” Comics!

WARNING! “Lost” spoilers ahead! Tread lightly, pilgrim, and only move on past here… IF YOU DARE!

I came across “Lost” Comics—or #lostcomics, rather—via the Twitter account of Anthony Clark, the man responsible for the hilarious comics over at Nedroid.com. Clark’s goofy, RiffTrax-esque comics began cropping up on in tweets each Tuesday when a new episode of “Lost” aired, poking fun at each episode’s sillier aspects while providing raucous laughs for fans of the show like myself.

A quick example of Clark’s quick and hilarious “Lost” Comics…


Pretty soon, webcomickers like “Hark! A Vagrant’sKate Beaton got in on the act, as well as plenty of other skilled artists and doodling laymen, and now following #lostcomics on Twitter each Tuesday night (Or Wednesday morning, if you are a West Coastie like me and don’t want “Lost” Comics delivering silly spoilers a few hours before the show is on.)(Side note: West Coastie is a super dumb name for someone living on the West Coast. Sorry!) is something I actually look forward to more than the show itself.

I gave #lostcomics a shot this week, here’s how it turned out…

I couldn't resist using that Jack line, aka "The best line in 'Lost' history!"

So, in short, if you like “Lost,” make sure to check out #lostcomics!

UPDATED! Now you can enjoy this blog post with ALTERNATE PUNCHLINES!

That Sayid sure is sneaky!
Oh, Frank Lepidas! Your legacy of standing around making wry observations on "Lost" lives on in comic form!

Don’t forget about Graham Annable’s rad “Lost” drawings, as well!

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