This post is all about some odds and ends I’ve been meaning to blog. It starts off very Jim Gibbons-centric and moves on from there. As to these first links, let’s just say I’m keeping a record of online references to myself in order to one day show my grandkids how “cool” I was as a young man. Seems like as good a way as any to make this self-serving chronicling of links seem less vain, right?

I recently and briefly appeared on the internet here, here and here. That first link leads to an interview I did with Graphic Novel Reporter, which you can read in full by clicking here.

From GNR: "Jim Gibbons spent two years working for Wizard before joining Dark Horse as their newest publicity coordinator. But what’s his history in comics really like? We found out."

In all seriousness, John Hogan at Graphic Novel Reporter was kind enough to ask a lowly publicity coordinator, a small cog in the wide world of comics, his story and I was happy to oblige—as well as extremely flattered. Thanks, John!

I recently exchanged some actual post (Not e-mail! Gasp!) with my good friend and formerly-mustachioed fundraising brother-in-arms, Matthew Lubicky. In his wild and wacky travels, Mr. Lubicky has studied marine biology and so I sent him this doodle with a caption (on the back of the old stationary I sent it on) that said something like…

"Matthew Lubicky discovers a rare tome of marine biology."

I also sent my brother Dan some doodles recently, but forgot to scan them (Matthew scanned the above scribbling). That last sentence, as well as this one, is mostly irrelevant.

Lastly, a while back I discovered the Harmony Procedural Drawing Tool via Nedroid and Drawn!, so I decided to give it a shot. I used it to draw Beartato, as Nedroid was one of the main reasons I ended up doodling anything on Harmony at all.

An eerie Beartato.
A russet potato-shaped Beartato.

Well, that’s it for the random tidbits I’ve been meaning to blog and thanks for checking out all this randomness! That’s all, folks!

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3 thoughts on “Hodgepodgin’

  1. I love being mentioned on the internet! Also, nice drawings all-around, including Abe Sapien, which, by the way, I was able to parse out the connections. Very good. Also, did you ever receive my letter?

  2. I love mentioning you on the internet!

    Glad you enjoyed, and understood, how I got to that crazy Abe doodle! And thanks for the dood-ular compliments!

    I did get your letter, sir, and plan to replay to it via… gasp!… another letter! It shall happen soon! (Also, thanks for the letter!)

  3. I love the eerie Beartato. Jim, man, that thing needs a comic series or at least a Web comic. I’m imagining you could use the russet and eerie in a series of template comics with the two as brothers or something. This is a Jim comic I would pay to see.:-)

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