All Day Pizza Buffet: Abe Grimes [Legal Pad Edition!]

Earlier today, I saw the news that Rick Grimes had been cast in the new “Walking Dead” series—”Andrew Lincoln Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead’.” With that headline in mind, my brain started churning, got way ahead of itself and then commanded that I doodle.

Yes, but how did we get here?

If you’re thinking “I don’t get it” or “this doesn’t make any sense,” well, you’re right. It doesn’t make any sense. Essentially, my thought process got jumbled and “Andrew Lincoln Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead'” led to the initial joke “Abraham Lincoln Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead'” before eventually being bastardized into “Abraham Sapien Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead.'” Then I drew up that entire thing and realized I had gotten way too excited about Abe Sapien fighting zombies and completely left any sort of logical joke behind. Ah well!

What I should have done was doodle something like this…

Well, I guess I did doodle something like this.

…but, what can you do?! Accidents happen, and I don’t mind the results of this absentminded legal pad doodle—Abe Sapien taking out zombies with a hatchet would be pretty bad ass!

More doodles can be seen here, if you’re so inclined!
Kudos to Jason “K-Nice” Knize who totally put together where my doodle/joke went wrong via crazy and psychic word association genius!

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