All Day Pizza Buffet: David Burn

Weird ideas come to me frequently while driving and listening to music. Here’s one of them. Explanation after this short comic strip.

Click to Enlarge.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer a single image with poorly placed talk bubbles?! Bim, bam, boom!

Amateur comics rule!

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from work and listening to the Talking Heads, a band of which I’m a big fan. I find lead singer David Byrne’s cadence and lyrics to be endlessly enjoyable and hilarious, but his penchant for shouting certain phrases—usually twice, aka repeated back to back—between verses seemed to be a funny enough aspect to do a strip about. So, I punned up David Byrne into David Burn, gave him a flaming head for cartoony effect, put him into a massive—and possibly robotic—giant suit (an homage to “Stop Making Sense”) and decided to have him show up only in situations that allow him to shout exclamatory Talking Heads lyrics.

Best idea ever? Nah! But a fun doodle!

By the by, it’s officially Portland Comics Month in the Rose City. Over the weekend, I tweeted about this doodle strip and this rad comic-filled month with a hashtag that’s being championed by fellow Dark Horse employee Aaron Colter: #pdxlovescomics. If you’re a Portlander who loves comics, I suggest you too use this hashtag in your tweets before, after or while you’re loving comics.

“Whiteout” artist Steve Lieber tweeted at me that he’s been using the hashtag #pdxcomics to promote comicky Portlando magic for a while. So, make sure to check that out as well!

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