Can it all be so simple? Or, “The world’s easiest cosplay!”

Comic book cosplayers of the world, get ready to thank me.

Earlier today, Comic Book Resources ran the first preview of our Free Comic Book Day issue for 2010. Not only is it a preview of a cool free issue, it’s also the first peek at Dark Horse’s upcoming line of relaunched Gold Key heroes under the guidance of comics legend Jim Shooter. The preview features a first look at the Shooter-penned “Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom” and “Magnus, Robot Fighter,” with art by Dennis Calero and Bill Reinhold, respectively.

In stores: May 1, 2010

Given a minute to gush, I have to say I am extremely excited about getting to work with these characters. I can’t claim to have been reading the exploits of these heroes for years upon years like many comic fans, but I fell in love with them when I delved into their archives recently. Having a job at Dark Horse allows me the opportunity to work with a ton of great books, spanning just about every genre you can think of: mystery, horror, science fiction, humor, cartoons… and the list goes on. However, the one style of comic book I haven’t had a real chance to work on in my brief time at DH is a straight up superhero book! With Magnus and Solar coming to comic shops on May 1st’s Free Comic Book Day, I not only get the chance to help promote superheroes, but I get the chance to promote some of the most exciting, outlandish and delightfully science fiction-drenched superheroes in the history of comics!

On to the point…

While contemplating the simple and pure awesomeness of Magnus, Robot Fighter (His name pretty much tells you all you need to know to get pumped up to insane levels.), it dawned on me that Magnus’ simply awesome nature translates more or less seamlessly (Pun intended!) to cosplay.

Yes, that's a man punching an evil robot. And yes, it's about to become your new favorite comic.

Note: For the uninitiated, cosplay is short for “costume play,” a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers frequent comic conventions and always have bitchin’ costumes on Halloween.

Whereas numerous cosplayers spend days or even months working on elaborate anime character costumes or stormtrooper suits with enough detail to put an actual Star Wars movie to shame, you can go to a convention as Magnus after only a few simple steps.

1. Buy a red t-shirt. Probably XL or larger. Make sure it’s long enough to reach to about mid- to upper-thigh.

2. Remove the t-shirt’s sleeves.

3. Put on the t-shirt. (Underpants/undershorts are a good idea, but not essential.)

4. Strap on a belt at waist level. (A futuristic belt is ideal, but not necessary.)

5. Put on black boots. (Note: Black shoes will work just fine.)

6. Anytime you see someone dressed as a robot, punch and/or fight them. (Note: does not suggest or condone fighting people dressed as robots.)

Looking badass is also suggested to pull off your Magnus costume.

Undershorts/pants highly recommended for Magnus cosplayers who are kicking enthusiasts.

More benefits to this costume, aside from how easy it is to assemble…
1. It’s cheap! A t-shirt, belt and shoes? You could whip this stuff together with a quick trip to Wal-Mart or a quick search through the dirty laundry.

2. Major nerd props! How many times have you seen Magnus at a convention?! Not many, right?! People will totally high five you in this costume. Or, if they are dressed as robots, nervously say you look cool from a distance.

3. Comfort! How hard is it for half the costumed attendees at cons to simply use the bathroom? Not only are bathroom breaks easy as Magnus, the cool breeze wafting through your short, robot-killing kilt will keep you refreshed and cool, allowing you to continue enjoying any convention while heavy-suited cosplayers are resting or taking water breaks.

Yes, cosplay truly can be that simple!

No con-going robot is safe!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up jimbo– I haven’t been reading a ton of comics recently and this is just the thing to help jump start that again. I loved the darkhorse batman comics and am interested to see some of the publishers’ other offerings.

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