04.Mar.2010 Monkeying around with Hellboy

Possibly the greatest three panel sequence in the history of comics…

Need I say more?!

From Mike Mignola’s “Hellboy: Box Full of Evil.”

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There are 4 Comments to "Monkeying around with Hellboy"

  • bill says:

    That third picture should be an album cover. It is too cool for words– i think i need a t shirt or something. Monkeys with guns.

  • Aaron Colter says:

    There’s this great piece Mike did of a monkey holding a smoking gun; dunno if it’s ever been published, but I can send it to you. I’m getting it tattooed on my back around September this year. It’s so layered. A single image, yet he manages to put a story into it. You can tell the monkey has just shot and killed something, maybe a man, maybe another monkey, and he is sad and confused all at the same time.

  • Jim Gibbons says:

    I haven’t seen this monkey, but when I see it I hope his expression tells me that he not only feels sorrow, shock and regret for having just shot an evil version of himself from the future, but he looks cheated because now he knows how it all ends for him.

  • bill says:

    LOL— spitting coffee on my computer screen; thanks jimbo