It’s time for a Pizza Party!

Because sometimes it saves you a few hours a day when you just post a picture worth a thousand words instead of writing them, the long neglected tumblr known as “Pizza Party!” is back.

As much fun as a pizza party, but online... and without any pizza.

Enlisting the help of mis amigos Caleb Goellner, Steve Sunu and Josh Wigler, as well as my broham Dan, “Pizza Party!” is moving from the pure picture/word association that once filled its web space to a collection of things seen here and there that don’t really require more than a sentence or less of explanation. And hey, you can follow the “Pizza Party!” twitter and get updates anytime there’s a post. It’s all for fun and because I surf the internet too much not to point out some of the bizarre stuff I see. So, check in here and there and see some kooky stuff.

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