Food and Family

Someday soon I’m going to be able to start a blog post without referencing how the move and my new job have led to x, y or z. Today is not that day.

A move across the country is no cheap affair. Add those expenses to all the complications that arise with transplanting oneself (Who thinks to pack their plunger?!) and trying to add a little creature comfort to a new place (My ratty old comforter with a big hole in it might need to be replaced, yeah?), and loading people up with pricey gifts becomes near impossible.

So, this year, I went the grade school route and constructed my family some homemade gifts. The theme? Food and spills. The medium: PITT pens and 5×7 cotton vellum note cards. The result? Doodled gifts!

For my sister.
For my brother.
For my mom.
For my dad.

Real gifts next year, guys. Promise.

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