Dreaming of a (Furry, Black and) White Christmas

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Dang, the internetz are teh best place in teh world!”?

I have!

As evidence that the internet is fantastic, here are three pictures of famous people with pandas. Merry Christmas!

Neil Gaiman, author of many a book including "Coraline" and "American Gods"
Shaquille O'Neal, giant and basketball player
Steven Seagal, star of "Under Siege"

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One thought on “Dreaming of a (Furry, Black and) White Christmas

  1. HAHAHA– that panda is like, ‘i hope this guy (shaq) doesn’t EAT me!’ and that last panda is like, “who the f**k is this creepy guy with a pony tail? And how did he have a movie career?”

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