A Tale of Two Shepherds

Certainly and absolutely, I’m the first person in the entirety of the interwebs to make this realization/comparison (sarcasm!), but “Mass Effect” hero John Shepherd looks a helluva lot like “LOST’s” Jack Shepherd!


Bam! Same guy!
Bam! Same guy!

I caught a few of these screen shots from the upcoming “Mass Effect 2” on Kotaku last week and it hit me, “John Shepherd. Jack Shepherd! Matthew Fox should be in a ‘Mass Effect’ movie!” This was, of course, pure brilliance.

Perfect casting? Methinks it is.

I’ll keep this argument concise, but here’s how I see it…

1. “Mass Effect” is a rich science fiction game with a great story and great action. It would make an awesome movie, as it’s cut scenes and previews prove.

2. Matthew Fox is pretty badass, is great in “LOST” and fought ninjas in “Speed Racer,” so I would love to see him in more action movies. (This is not sarcasm. I really enjoyed “Speed Racer” and Matthew Fox fighting ninjas in that movie was roughly 20 percent of the reason why. For the record, John Goodman fighting ninjas formed another 20 percent of my enjoyment factor.)

For more proof that Matthew Fox would be great in an action movie, observe this photo!

Just imagine he's holding a laser gun...

3. Matthew Fox/Jack Shepherd looks a lot like John Shepherd from “Mass Effect.” (A fact I didn’t notice till now, as I played “Mass Effect” with a created character…who looked dumb, or kinda like me.)

John Shepherd also believes that his crew must live together or die alone. He also loves science.

4. In conclusion, due to this super obvious and clear evidence, Matthew Fox should play John Shepherd in a “Mass Effect” movie. And if you weren’t convinced so far, I am sure this creepy mash-up mugshot will do the trick…

We are Shepherd.

I rest my case.

Hollywood, you can send me a check as soon as you read this. You’re welcome.

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One thought on “A Tale of Two Shepherds

  1. I just recently bought Mass Effect 2 and while choosing John’s stats, I told my girlfriend he reminds me of someone and sure enough she said ”Jack” from Lost! He really does look like him and it’s funny Matthew Fox plays a character with the same last name as well. I hope they make a Mass Effect movie and he stars as John!


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