Good tidings!

Though this blog over the past month has been almost entirely dedicated to moustaches, their greatness and why they’re an incredibly motivating reason to donate money to help combat men’s cancer, there actually has been a bit more than just facial hair pushing my life forward of late.

A few months back, I lost my job. Luckily, good timing, good people and a bit of good fortune—not too mention some hard work on my part—all came together in a most serendipitous manner and I scored a job at Dark Horse Comics. As of November 23, I’m Dark Horse Comics’ newest publicity coordinator. Working alongside the bang-up PR team of the adept Jeremy Atkins (My boss!) and the masterly Melissa Richardson (My fellow PR coordinator!), we work as one seamless force of comic book promotion—or at least we will when I have a few more days of work under my belt, more fully join their powerful PR maelstrom and reach radical new levels of publicity proficiency!

The most excellent company where I now work.
The most excellent company where I now work.

If you’re interested in my new job and how I came to the verdant land of Dark Horse, you’re in luck! Rad dude, former co-worker, first-class friend and exceptional comics blogger Sean T. Collins did a quick but very informative e-mail interview with me about my new job for Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog.

Please, go check it out!

Please do!
Please do!

Though there are many more tales of our (Yep, Jessi moved to Portland with me! Another very good tiding!) journey across the country for the move to Portland (The ghost cow that Jessi saw, the insane night of driving through space and the most beautiful Arby’s in the contiguous 48 states.), those will have to wait for another time, my friends! For now, I’ll just end this post with a big thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive and helpful over the past couple of months. There were more of you amazing people than I would have imagined I knew, and well… you’ve all solidified yourself as truly wonderful. Thanks everybody!

(And read Dark Horse comics! They’re great! Thanks!)

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8 thoughts on “Good tidings!

  1. Congratulations Jim! Hope it works out for you. I’m real happy that you’ve stuck with comics. Big ups brudda! Sending you much e-love from myself and the fam who knows you and what you’ve been up to (moms and the sistas…) REALLY proud I have a friend who stuck to their guns about what they want to do. No easy task in the economy of the last few years– cue ‘my hero’ by foo fighters… LOL.

    Kidding aside Jimbo– much love and i hope you dig Oregan. If I were there I would throw down mighty and blaze some de-criminalized marijuana with you in front of some non-asshole cops. Enjoy! And I hope the move works out for Jessi as well, she’s actually seems to put up with your baffoonery (sp?) She seems like a nice lady and she couldn’t ask for a nicer guy (unless you have changed into a nightclubbing, silk shirt wearing, greasy asshole of course….)

  2. I agree with everything Bill just said, except the marijuana (I know you have bad asthma). Good work Bill, and good luck Jim and Jessi.

  3. @bill I believe I have not become an asshole. Though, is there any official test I can get? I’d want to make sure. But seriously, thanks for your kind words and all the e-love from you and the family. If you can ever make it out to Portland, you’ve definitely got a place to stay! So, come out to Portland!

    @Kevin Thanks, sir!

    @TJ First, thanks. Second, I think Jessi took some pictures. I’ll try and get one to post, though the atmosphere (which would be hard to capture of film) is what really made that Arby’s grand. Third, I miss you too!

  4. Mark Christman?! Whoa! Blast from the past! I hope you’re doing well, sir!

    And I must agree with you, Graham’s ‘stache is a bit lackluster and his “bath towel” backdrop is also not nearly as impressive as our “bare wall” backdrop. But hey, he’s a Mo’ Bro fighting the wicked legions of cancer and for that reason he is awesome!

  5. Holy crap Mark Christman? You survived Dartmoth? Congrats you guitar-fiending, superman-obsessed baller!

    That was totally out of left field… Hope yer doing well!

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