It’s Moustache Rating Time!

As of today—Movember the 15th, in the year 2009—my Movember moustache can be judged by the masses!

Mr. Mattholemew Lubicky and I have achieved 15 days of moustache growth. Now it’s time to hear what all you ‘stache lovers have to say! Click here and rate my moustache! I suggest rating it a 5 out of 5. Donating while you’re there voting is also recommended.

Rate My 'Stache!
Rate My 'Stache!

And don’t forget to support the other Venerable Gentleman From Space, my fantastic teammate, Matthew Lubicky’s moustache with a vote. Click here and rate him a 5 of 5, as well!

Thanks in advance for all your support, folks! We really appreciate it!

Did I mention in this post that you all should donate some cash to our Movember fund-raising? I did? Well, good. You should!

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