Alright! Matt Lubicky and I (aka “The Venerable Gentlemen…From Space!”) have just surpassed the $500 mark with our Movember fund-raising! In celebration of this momentous landmark, I did a Google image search for “moustache” and “500.” Here was the most ridiculous result…

Weird! Sexy! Hairy! 'Stachey! The perfect novel? Likey not.
Weird! Sexy! Hairy! 'Stachey! The perfect novel? Likey not.

Please note: Our Movember fund-raising is solely to help fight men’s cancer and in no way associated with erotic literature. This is just a funny picture with a moustache.

It’s only Movember 3rd and we’ve passed $500. Man, I am excited about that! Again, thanks so much to everyone who donated. And, if you haven’t donated yet, please head here and do so. Thanks!

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  1. I like it. That should be made into a movie with Tom selleck or Burt Reynolds… maybe even Will Ferrel…

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